12/06/2017 The National Seal Sanctuary

This popular tourist attraction started life with a rescue. Ken Jones found his first washed-up seal pup in 1957, he took the little fella home to his garden and nursed him back to health. From here he rescued more seals and oil covered birds and soon enough his reputation spread. Today, the seal sanctuary at Gweek is a bustling place full of recovering seals and orphaned pups as well as a few farmyard friends. You can find sea lions, ponies, donkeys, goats and otters.

With a specially designed hospital on site, the sanctuary does important work. Some seals can be released back into the sea but others become permanent guests. It can be as much as 30 seals that need rescuing from Cornwall’s beaches each year.

This is a great place to visit for all the family, you get to hear about the individual stories and dramatic rescues, and fall in love with countless puppy-dog-eyes. Feeding times are the most popular, which are three times a day. With 42 acres the sanctuary has room to explore, complete with a woodland quiz trail, café and two gift shops.

Gweek village is set in beautiful surroundings, once an important port. The village is the furthest navigable point on the river and it is thought to have been used as a port as far back as 450 BC when tin was traded with the Phoenicians!

Check out the website for more details.

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